Slabs weighing as much as 1,500 pounds get vacuum lifted onto the saw for the first step of the fabrication process  for your kitchen or bathroom countertop.  

From here, the pieces either head to the CNC, edge polishing machine or the polishing tables.

Smaller pieces are often hand carried vertically because its safer for employees and the stone.  

Living Stone, Inc. is a "wet shop."  That means that silicate dust is minimal with the application of water to every procedure we execute inside the shop.  

A filter press is used to clean water so it can be recycled and pumped back into production throughout the shop.

Recycling water.

CNC technology not only adds precision to sink cutouts but makes seams laser straight, euro or serpentine, depending on the application.  

This high-end equipment reduces errors, minimizes tolerances, applies edge profiles flawlessly and makes a safer work environment for employees.

For larger projects like apartment complexes or other commercial contracts, our in-line edge polishing machine does a great job.


When the day arrives for your new countertops to be installed, our crew carefully loads up your stone and transports it to the job site.  They take every precaution setting the slabs into place without damaging them or the surroundings.  The stone is carefully leveled, adjusted, and prepared for the adhesives.  As the different glues are setting, your sinks will be hung with a silicone gasket and mechanically fastened to the countertop with anchors.  Your faucet holes will be drilled next and a thorough coat of sealer is applied as a final protective step.   


Every piece of stone that has been processed gets inspected and "tuned up" by the fabricators.  Once the stone meets our highest standards it gets racked to be installed into your home. 


Seams are often required for a project.  Our job is to hide them as best as humanly possible.


Before.  The tops have been placed, and the pieces are lined up.

Filling biscuit joints with color matched epoxy.

Seam setters assist in leveling and tightening seams .

Tops are glued, leveled and pulled back together to cure.

Color matching the adhesive so the seam is not as noticeable.

After.  Impeccable!.